Our Story


Ödlegrinet is one of the Ron Holland designs based on «Silver Jubilee». Launched in 1978, under the name «Howzat». She took part in the international race circus with a swedish crew including the Berg brothers and Roger Nilsson. She participated in the Fastnet Race in 1979 where she was able to finish due to a fortunate position in front of the most violent weather conditions.

When Martin discovered the boat in Stockholm 2023, she was basically in a sound condition, though marked by the years away from the race courses. Martin has since then performed a professional restoration, and she now bears the name «Ôdlegrinet», to emphasize this new beginning.

The present crew is a group of old friends of Martins.

We are more than happy for the opportunity to participate in the upcoming Hankø Half Ton Classics Cup!

See you at Hankø!

Jonas Hydman


Our Team

Crew members

  • Jonas Hydman
  • Martin Frostner
  • Matti Molin
  • Andrejs Ljunggren