Our Story

Farther Bruin

We bought Farther Bruin in 2015 in the UK. The boat is owned by me, Sammy and Robert. Long time friends. The boat is a wooden Bruce Farr design from 1977, still with original keel and sail dimensions!

Half of the team originally sailed on another halftonner, North Sea Three, that was sponsored by a Belgian sailing club. When the sponsoring came to an end in 2017 they joined the Farther Bruin team and have stayed ever since. Wim and Eefje are friends from the dingy scene in Belgium.

We look forward to join the big Half Ton fleet, to see beautiful Norway and the social activities.

Our plans for the future is as it´s always been; try to improve, climb the HHTC results ladder and have fun!

See you at Hankø!

Jan-Jakob Muyls


Our Team

Crew members

  • Jan-Jakob Muyls
  • Wim Dereuddre
  • Samuel Goethals
  • Jeroen Van der Veken
  • Eefje Kegelaers
  • Wim Craenen
  • Robert Janssens
  • Ward Desoete